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Welcome to Real Estate Service Group - Property & Facility Mgt.!

Real Estate Service Group - Property & Facility Mgt. takes care of properties on behalf of the owner through managing the assets, stakeholders, money flows and information flows.


property flow


• Managing the assets as a representative of the owner;
• Ensuring preventive maintenance of assets;
• Monitoring the state of the building over time;
• Analyzing, planning, control of operations schedules;
• Creating and maintaining inventory of individual building's assets;
• Managing contractors/providers warranties;
• Managing contractors performance bonds;
• Managing asset snag list;
• Advising owner of the legal aspects and law changes;
• Managing environmental aspects;
• Advising owner on different investments and divestments;
• Overview of tenants outfits;
• Up keeping of technical documentation;
• Advise owner on insurance matters.



• Representing the owners’ interest;
• Managing tenant relations;
• Informing tenants and enforce building rules and regulations;
• Handling of tenants’ suggestions, requests and complaints;
• Performing administrator function for the Owners’ Association;
• Ensuring all residents comply with General Rules of the residential complex;
• Managing the relations with and handling of issues of residents;
• Managing compliance of owners obligations towards public authorities ;
• Managing relations with utility providers;
• Managing relations with service providers.


Money flows

• Managing allocation scheme for common expenses;
• Monthly allocation of common expenses and preparing overview;
• Invoicing of service charges;
• Verification and payment of invoices issued by utility and service providers.


Information flows

• Preparing the monthly status report on the building;
• Detailed proposals on investments and divestments;
• Preparing annual building budget concerning expenses and investments;
• Executing yearly reconciliation of common expenses;
• Reporting on utility meter readings;
• Preparation of property related accounting;

Certified by:

British Institute of Facility Management


TUV Hessen



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